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Hi, I'm Jane

I’m a professional artist, art workshop teacher, 5x bestselling author, art supply creator and self-diagnosed art supply addict! I’m a creativity expert who has guided tens of thousands of women back to their art, defying their self imposed creative gravity and making art with joy and confidence. I share my mixed media art and drawing techniques with everyday artists who feel their creativity calling them to play with colour, texture and their art supplies.

Thousands of people have shared with me the same old story — they loved to draw as a child or teenager until someone told them they were no good at it (in their opinion) and they abandoned their love for creating for decades. Years later, they feel the call to create, but are held back by self-doubt, perfectionism and the fear of failure, so much so it can feel debilitating and cause procrastination.

But here is one thing I know for certain: your creativity isn’t outside of you or laying somewhere forgotten. It’s only a small inner click away, a heart-shift from now, a joy that wants to make its way from the heart of you and down through your hands and into the world.

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Delicious Art Supplies

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I’ll help you get out of the mixed media wilderness where you’re blindly going from Youtube clip to clip feeling overwhelmed.

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Explore my 5 bestselling art books where I share my hard-earned processes in detail.
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Creative Feet

You have the urge to draw, but something’s holding you back. Maybe it’s fear of ‘failure’ or disparaging words still ringing in your ears from childhood. You may not have picked up a pencil or paintbrush in years but drawing is calling to you! You feel stuck in your own self imposed creative gravity and maybe even confused by all the art supply options out there.
I'm ready to re-spark my inspiration
I’m ready to respark

my inspiration

You’re an arty person who has some skills and techniques under your belt, but you need inspiration. You have lots of art supplies that sit there, untouched, making you feel guilty. You can’t seem to find the time or energy to create. You feel a bit creativity lost and stagnant. You want to stop randomly dabbling and start consistently creating.

I want to feel like an Artist with a capital A
I want to feel like an

Artist with a capital A

You’re arty, but you still don’t feel like a capital A artist. You’re hooked on art workshops and want to deepen your skills. You’ve progressed through the beginner and intermediate workshops and are ready to draw more complex figures from your imagination. You dream of developing your own style and keep improving. processes in detail.
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Our Customer Stories

What will your story be after you find Jane?


Before Jane

My art life was non existent before I discovered Jane’s workshops and art supplies. I didn’t know how to use any art supplies or how to draw a face. I hadn’t drawn since highschool and never felt inspired by anything. That is until I found out about Jane.

After Jane

Today, I’ve never been this creatively inspired. I feel like my creative cup is full bow that I’ve discovered Jane.I became instantly gripped by her art philosophy (be kind to your art and use your supplies).I soon caught rainbowitis became totally obsessed with her art supplies and books. love Jane’s bubbly personality and her unique way of teaching.

Ronelia, South Africa
Chrissy, Australia

Before Jane

I was one of those children who could draw. Art, even at an early age, was a strong part of my identity. My parents strongly discouraged me from drawing – in fact they even confiscated my pencils and paper. They thought I was wasting my time. When I got to high school, it was worse.”You’re not that good” were my art teacher’s words. So I stopped. Just like that. My heart was broken, and I didn’t feel like myself any more.

After Jane

When I found Jane’s Beautiful Faces book, opening the covers of that book was like coming home again. Jane’s teaching style is gentle, joyous, loving and encouraging. I haven’t looked back. That little girl who could draw, is drawing again.

Chrissy, Australia

Before Jane

I am a 100% disabled veteran. During my military service, I suffered two major traumas. Then About six years ago I couldn’t even get out of bed. I eventually found my voice again and was able to tell my story, grieve for my traumas of ptsd, mst, and major depression. But what was missing in my life was creativity.

After Jane

I started watching Jane’s videos and loved having fun and playing with art. Jane wants everyone to feel like the artist that we all are no matter what skill level. Because of Jane Davenport helping me find the artist that I am, I can now help other women veterans discover that same joy. Truly I love your products and honestly, I am always looking for more.

Carissa, USA

Journaling Saved Me!

I started drawing as a child and basically never stopped.
My parents encouraged me and at school I was ‘the kid who could draw’. After school, I wanted to become a fashion Illustrator,  so I studied in Australia and then Paris (ooh la-la!). I realised my dream and then added textile design, styling  and fashion design to my skill set while living in London. And then one lovely day I discovered photography, which led me through an incredible rabbit-hole. I made a huge change.

I started as a runway photographer and developed into a photographic artist and had exhibitions around the world, books, my own gallery in celebrity-strewn, boho and beach loving Byron Bay, my work appeared in movies and I had many tv appearances. It was a huge amount of work, and a lot of fun!

And then, I had a huge ‘life event’ and art journaling saved me and although I kept drawing throughout all my fashion and photography days, when I started journaling, my passion for drawing in and of itself returned with such a force! Then I made a huge change.

Jane and Angus
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Due to the current worldwide situation, shipping may be delayed. Stay healthy, creative and inspired!